Especially for us as pilots, the feeling of freedom is indescribable. Therefore, our thoughts are with our Ukrainian fellow pilots in these difficult times. 🇺🇦

Why glideWith.Me?

With a desire to explore the world from above, I started my training in mid-2019. When I finally held the license in my hand a year later, I quickly realized that it's not that easy to explore new areas on my own. Even the german paragliding association DHV once wrote that once you get your license, the learning only begins. But how? Imagine there is a platform that not only shows you the European flying areas, but also who flies there and knows the area. Get in contact and go flying together without unnecessary risks. This is exactly what glideWithMe offers you. If you click on the picture, you will see where I fly.

Christian Pappenberger

Christian Pappenberger

Fly safer

Flying alone is dull and increases the likelihood of misjudging a situation - especially as a beginner. Flying together is safer and more fun!

Discover new sites

The areas you get to know during training can usually be counted with one hand. But there are much more great flying areas to discover - find pilots who know them and expand your horizons together.

More adventures

What makes paragliding so special besides the flying is the cool personalities you meet. The vision is to connect you with pilots all over the world. New pilots, new areas, new cultures, new...

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