Jonas is going from Wolfsburg to "Dune de Pyla".

Period: 20. May to 05. Jun
Paraglider Soaring Speedwing Groundhandling Carpool

Update: Due to a sports injury, a participant drops out the first week and it thus again a place in the fully equipped Mobile Home (bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning) has become free for 490€. Otherwise we still have space for 1-2 people free (single beds, simple MobileHome(bathroom,kitchen) for 790€/14 days. Terrain briefing, weather briefing, groundhandling and toplandetrainings are included in the price. Old gliders are provided. Gliders with check can be rented. Riding is possible

Chat participants

Jonas Peters Airtime: 1100 hours
Christian Airtime: 2 hours
MISSLIN Airtime: 1000 hours

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After many years of flying higher, faster and further, I have discovered proximity flying for myself. I make many tours to the coasts of Europe and Morocco.