Bassano del Grappa Italy

  • Takeoffs: 5
  • Landings: 2
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 47

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

A FlyCard is required to use the take-off and landing areas. This can be purchased online at:

Flight schools:
Scuola di volo Aeroclub Topgliders d'Italia no.356
Andreas Breuer

Fabio Loro

Bassano is the undisputed Mecca of the paragliding and hang gliding scene in the Southern Alps. Especially in winter and early spring the scene meets here. Therefore, in the winter half-year there is a lot going on, especially on weekends. The thermals are interesting all year round and can be used for cross-country flights early in the year. Despite the many pilots, the flight activity is distributed along the slopes. If you go cross-country, you will always find enough space. To the east it is relatively easy to fly up to the Piave valley. To the west, the Brenta valley must first be crossed. Then along the edge of the slope. Bassano is also used by flight schools for high altitude flight training. Information and meeting point for pilots at Monte Grappa Airpark in Semonzo or at the hotel "Garden Relais". Flycard required!
(take-off and landing fee - see information). For hang gliders there is a short steep ramp. In Semonzo and around there are a few places to stay. Especially popular is the Garden Relais Hotel directly at the hang gliding and training landing site.

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Pilots (47)

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