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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

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Lijak offers similar conditions as the well-known flying area Bassano in Italy. But here it is comparatively much more relaxed. Along the edge of the slope you can soar wonderfully in the evening. During the day a useful thermal develops, which invites to cross-country flights to the east. It is quite easy to shimmy along the 30 km ridge. With good visibility, the view goes all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. The landing site is spacious. Information, landing badge (15 Euro / year - as of 2010), burgers and landing beer are available at the landing kiosk ("Njam Njam"). The launch and landing fees are paid at the club. An information board is located at the launch site. Please note the conditions. Drive up to the launching site by car or shuttle in the direction of Trnovo. A little before the village of Trnovo there is a parking lot on the right. Continue on foot (10 minutes slightly downhill). The launching site has been prepared very well by the local club. On the paraglider launching site you can also start with a hang glider. For hang gliders, however, the ramp at the edge of the slope towards the east is better. The ramp can be approached directly via Trnovo and further on forest road. Lijak has other qualities besides flying. Many paths lead through the fantastic beech forests, which are perfect for mountain biking, for example. Overnight stay: Right next to the landing site there is a campsite "Kamp Lijak".
Attention: Please observe the rules at the Lijak take-off site and in the flying area. http://www.polet-ng.si/

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