Mont Gros Monaco France

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

According to our information (as of Nov. 2012), the flight ban below is currently lifted again. The known regulations apply (see Please inform yourself before flying at the club or with pilots from the region and keep to the strict regulations in order not to endanger the approval of the airfield.

Attention- The Monaco flying area is currently closed (as of 6.10.2011). Local municipalities have closed take-off and landing areas. Will be monitored.

According to our information, the following regulations are currently in effect (without guarantee, please inquire locally:
The Mont Gros flying area in Roquebrune is officially opened on April weekends in test mode. On weekends between 10am and 5pm the launch/landing area will be open, and controlled by local instructors on:
- Private pilots: Pilot's license (min Ippi 4), liability insurance.
- Schools and other commercial: additional permit from the municipality
- The restricted regulations of 20.9.2010 still apply (concerning commercial flying such as schools, test flights, safety training etc.).
- The launch managers also reserve the right to intervene in case of bad weather, insufficient pilot skills, material, etc. and to deny the pilot the launch.
Outside these supervised times, the launching area is off-limits, and attention will be drawn to this fact by a notice board at the entrance.

At the southern end of the alpine arc lies Monaco, which is well worth seeing. Here the beautiful and the rich meet and especially in winter also the paragliders. Outside the summer months, you can land on the beach of Roquebrune. The view over the principality and the Cote d`Azur is super - in terms of flying it is also princely.

Already early there is enough upwind and thermals. Some conditions have to be observed (beach is not always accessible, flight over antennas / military installations as well as over the city area of Monte Carlo are prohibited). Takeoff direction south / southwest / southeast. Main takeoff area is spacious (mats). Emergency landing facilities are poor. The landing site at Roquebrune on the beach is challenging to approach (narrow but long). Beware of offshore winds. Check beforehand. Very busy on weekends. Super: A shuttle runs from the railroad bridge opposite the landing site to the launching site for little money. Club Info:

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