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Towing site for paragliders and hanggliders

1. flying over the nature reserves HA 42 "Rehburger Moor", HA 120 Rehburger Moor II, HA 82 "Buchholzmoor", HA 16 "Schmiedebruch", HA 60 "Meerbruch", "Wellier Schleife" and "Stol-zenau-Leese" in the vicinity must be avoided for nature conservation reasons, otherwise a minimum overflight altitude of 150 m above ground must be maintained. This also applies to the buffer zones with a radius of 500 m around the protected areas.
2. in case of approach of helicopters (e.g. from Bückeburg) or other low-flying aircraft the winch towing operation has to be interrupted. It is recommended to contact the Army Airfield Bückeburg directly.
3. the area is located under the airspace Hannover. Airspace D begins at 4,500 ft. Immediately to the west the TMZ begins at FL 65. All pilots are to be made aware of the airspace structure.
4. Particular attention shall be paid to low vegetation height during training operations. Basic training with hang gliders is not permitted.
5. towing operations may only take place when obstacles are clear and paths are secured. Towing operations must be interrupted when agricultural vehicles or, for example, pedestrians and cyclists are approaching.

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