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Towing site for paragliders and hanggliders

1. flying over the nature reserves HA 42 "Rehburger Moor", HA 120 "Rehburger Moor II", HA 82 "Buchholzmoor", HA 16 "Schmiedebruch", HA 60 "Meerbruch", "Wellier Schleife" and "Stolzenau-Leese" existing in the vicinity must be avoided for nature conservation reasons, otherwise a minimum overflight altitude of 150 m above ground must be maintained. This also applies to the buffer zones with a radius of 500 m around the protected areas.
5. during training operations, sufficient distance from the overhead power line at the southeastern end of the towing route must be ensured.
8. basic training with hang gliders is not allowed on the site.
9. sufficient distance must be maintained at all times from wind turbines in the vicinity of the site. Reference is made to the distance recommendations of the DHV (wind power studies of the DHV). Take-offs and landings may only take place on the approved areas. The use of other areas is expressly prohibited. All pilots must be made aware of this.

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