Oberemmendorf Germany

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders


The Hang Gliding Club Ingolstadt has successively expanded the Oberemmendorf site with a lot of commitment from the club members. Next to the ramp there is enough space for paragliders. In northerly winds a super edge for soaring, but also for thermal entry for cross-country flying. Attention with crosswind: takeoff site is located in a forest aisle. Start only with downwind. The pilots of the club are ambitious and fly from Oberemmendorf far to the east. Unfortunately, the ED-R 138 Siegenburg (bombing range) is unfavorably located for cross-country flying. Clearance required. Currently ED-R Siegenburg is set to "not active" status on weekends (NOTAM dated 11.4.2014). Check current status before flying in. Start fee to be paid at Gasthof Zimmermann (10 € - as of 2010). Guests only if club members are present. Here is the link: http://www.dfci.de/ The landing site at the Altmühl is relatively easy to approach. Information board about all rules at the launch site.

1. ide pilots are to be instructed in the special features of the flying site before the first take-off.
2. take-offs in crosswind with danger of turbulence in the aisle are not allowed.
If paragliders and hang gliders are at the start, the respective starts must be coordinated with each other. Simultaneous take-offs are not allowed.
4. training flights may only be carried out in particularly suitable weather conditions (snow situation).
5. the paragliders used must ensure that the landing area can be reached safely with regard to the performance of the equipment.

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