Alpspitze Germany

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

Note the information board with details about the flying area at the valley station.
North start is in forest aisle - sensitive to westerly wind (difficulty level: medium).
Emergency landing possibilities on ski slope.
Power line at landing site: keep safe distance!
Position and altitude reduction south of the power line.
Practice slope at the landing site for club members only.
Thermals: Good thermals can be found at the eastern head above the Sportheim Böck.
East wind and thermals develop along the trench (Höllschlucht), where the strong main beards are also located and move from the direction of Pfronten/Kappel towards the Alpspitze.
Another entry point is the beard above the pilgrimage church Maria Trost (1122m NN).
Those who make it will find the best thermals/dynamics at the Hündleskopf to the east in NE positions.
Flights to the Breitenberg and Wertach/Oberjoch or to the lowlands are possible.

First aid: A first-aid box for motor vehicles is located in a weather-protected steel box at the green line takeoff site.

Guests welcome!

1. the pilots are to be informed about the flying site and conditions via an information board and / or handouts or are to be instructed personally.
2. the site manager has to set up and display the site regulations (flight operation regulations Alpspitz).
The take-off area "Steiler Hund" (ONO) is exposed and steep. It may only be used by experienced pilots in suitable weather conditions.
4. the take-off area "Grüner Strich" may only be used when the wind blows from north and northeast. Special attention is drawn to the snow situation. Highly visible wind direction indicators shall be installed at the mid-station and at the launch site. Wind conditions must ensure safe access to the landing site. 5.
Before take-off, the pilot must inform himself about the location of the ropes of the Zipline (AlpspitzKICK) and inspect the route. Flying over the rope system must be done with sufficient safety distance (min. 50m). The pilot must ensure this in his flight path and flight planning. 6.
6. there is an access road and a high voltage power line at the main landing area east of the valley station. Pilots are to be made aware of this separately. In particular, sufficient distance must be kept from the high-voltage line, the path and the runway. The landing division must not pass over the high-voltage line. The altitude drop is to be made on the uphill side.
7. training flights (high altitude flights) are not allowed.
8. the training slope may only be used in agreement with the terrain owner and the owner / leaseholder. Basic training with student pilots may not be conducted due to the power line located to the north.

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