Hochgrat Germany

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

In the past, the Hochgrat was much flown, today the area lies somewhat in Sleeping Beauty sleep. But the Hochgrat has a lot to offer. 1000 m altitude difference and scenically very attractive. Ascent with the mountain railroad and in a few minutes to the starting point north. Cross-country flights are possible in the direction of noon (Immenstadt).

Before you reach the summit, you have to walk for about 20 minutes. To be able to take off at the summit, it should have a SE or S wind. CAVE: to get to the landing site (i.e. direction flatland) you have to decide already at the start: Direction east and then over the Brunnauscharte into the valley, or direction west and over the summit station of the Hochgratbahn into the valley. CAVE: you can fly in the lee for a short time. CAVE: In the direction of the inner Alps there are indeed landing meadows, but then a very long walk must be planned.

The game reserve "Prodelalm" and "Holzschlag" north of the high ridge may not be flown over. The terrain keeper is the mountain railroad itself http://www.hochgrat-winter.de/projekt01/. The Hochgrat is flown more frequently by the Westallgäuer Thermikzipfel e.V. : http://www.thermikzipfel.de/. The Westallgäu Flight School uses the Hochgrat as a training area, info at www.westallgaeuer-flugschule.de.

1. the areas "Prodelalm" and "Holzschlag", which are located opposite the Hochgrat north of the Weissach, are to be excluded from overflight for game protection reasons. Both areas are marked in color on the map, which is part of the permit.

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