Mittag Germany

  • Takeoffs: 4
  • Landings: 2
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 18

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

Noon is approved for hang gliders and paragliders and is thermally interesting in the spring. In the evening in calm soaring conditions a classy mountain. Beautiful view to the lowlands and south to the Allgäu High Alps. Ascent by chairlift from Immenstadt. Main takeoff is the NE takeoff (alpine meadow about 70 m below the terrace). In addition to the NE launch site, there is a south, northwest and the terrace launch site. Towards the west, there is a winter fence for red deer. This may not be overflown. In addition, a game feeding area is in operation on the south side in winter, which may not be overflown between December and April. The main landing area for paragliders and hang gliders is located on the plateau between Ettensberg and Altmummen. The landing site can also become turbulent in strong winds.

Landing on the meadows directly at the valley station of the Mittagbahn is prohibited. Residents file a complaint with the police.

Attention: No parking at the Tannenhof!
Further information at the runway and from the paragliding community Immenstadt-Sonthofen e.V.:

1. all pilots have to inform themselves about the regulations and conditions at the flying area "Mittag" before the first start.
2. leeward situations with crosswind and the distance to the existing lift ropes have to be observed.
3. take-offs from the take-off site Terrace Summit Station may be carried out only by pilots with B license. It is to be flown away from the ropes of the mountain railroad. Watch out for paragliders and hang gliders taking off below. Sufficient distance is to be kept.
4. training flights for the A-license are only allowed in perfect and laminar conditions at the main launch site "Alter Schlepplift". Students must have completed at least 25 altitude flights at other flying sites. A flight instructor with radio communication is required at each launch and landing site.
5. the wilderness areas at the Immenstädter Horn and on the midday south side below the Alpe Oberberg are to be avoided.
The landing sites must be approached in good time and with sufficient altitude.
7. every pilot is obliged to inspect the Ettensberg landing site before his first flight.
8. landing site Ettensberg: When planning a flight, attention must be paid to stronger winds or thermals in the landing area.
9. landing area Ettensberg: A landing arrangement with position (left flip) must be adhered to, since mixed flight operations HG and GS take place.
10. landing area Ettensberg: The landing areas must not be used for wind-up exercises during flight operations.

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