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Hill site for paragliders

Flight operation only in agreement with the flight school Rohrmeier / Milz! Important: Observe the regulations of the Agathazell airfield: No landings or flights into the red marked restricted area (see sketch) of Agathazell airfield below 500m height above ground/GND. The same applies to valley crossings. Approval was only possible in consultation and agreement with the airfield operator and the government of Upper Bavaria.

1. the flight area for paraglider and hang glider pilots is limited to the flight area northeast of the cable car route (cable car of the Bavarian Broadcasting Company).
2. paraglider pilots must obtain prior permission from the duty air traffic controller at the airfield when flying on weekends (April to November). This also applies if glider operations take place during the week (e.g. flight camps at the glider airfield). Hang glider pilots have no restrictions in this regard.
3. above the Grünten summit, the airspace can be used freely. The usual pre-flight and avoidance rules apply in accordance with the German Air Traffic Regulations (LuftVO).
4. the entry into the circuit of the glider airfield Agathazell is forbidden. Likewise, the western slope of the Grünten above Burgberg may not be used with paragliders and hang gliders by pilots taking off from the Grünten. For exceptions, a concrete agreement (e.g. via air radio) is necessary.
An operating agreement must be concluded between the LSG Oberallgäu and the Grünten owners' association. The operating agreement is to be submitted to the DHV.
All pilots are to be specially instructed in the landing approach and in the landing arrangement at the valley station landing area. This applies in particular with regard to the Grüntenbahn ropes. A distance of at least 50 m must be maintained from the cables of the runway.
7. training flights may only be carried out if the student pilot has carried out at least 30 high-altitude flights in other flying areas and has a level of skill appropriate to the terrain.
8. when instructing the student pilot, the instructor must draw particular attention to the ropeway and the ropes which are not easily visible from the air.
9. there must be a secure radio communication between the instructor at the landing site and the student pilot.

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