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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

The launch site Höfatsblick/Probsthaus is closed since 23.7.19. For the new construction of the Nebelhornbahn a material ropeway was built. This leads through the launch site at Höfatsblick. For safety reasons, the launch site is therefore closed until the completion of the work. At the Zeigersattel, a small launch area is fenced off and can be used by paragliders. Important: Current information and map about access to the Zweigersattel as well as prohibited areas on

The Nebelhorn is one of the most attractive flying sites in Germany. Its location in the high alpine Allgäu Alps is imposing. All around, the flight area can be described as demanding. The main starting point is the Edmund-Probst-Haus at the mountain station Edmund-Probst-Haus. This is the starting point to the west. This is also where training takes place. The Nebelhorn summit with two other launch sites is reached in another cable car section. The Nebelhorn summit launch site (west of the summit station) may only be used by particularly experienced pilots with an unrestricted pilot's license. Instruction required. Double-seater launches only after special approval by the ODV. The Nebelhorn summit terrace launch site (below the summit station) may also only be used by experienced pilots with an unrestricted pilot's license. Stable wind conditions are mandatory. Instruction required. Take-offs may only be made parallel to the cables of the mountain railroad. Prerequisite for take-offs is a surface with good grip, appropriate weather conditions and flying experience. In winter, a winter take-off area is set up at the summit in coordination with Nebelhornbahn AG.

Another launch site is located further west (Gaißfuß), which can be reached on foot. The Gaißfuß is much easier in terms of terrain than the Nebelhorn summit. The Oibele landing site is bordered by trees and can be described as turbulent. Pilots can also land on the Seealpe at the Speichersee (keep your distance). Further information at the club: . The airfield regulations of the ODV are binding.

1. the take-off area at the Nebelhorn summit may only be used by pilots with an unrestricted pilot's license.
2. a minimum distance of 100 m from the slope must be maintained in the Seealpe game reserve area. For cross-country flights outside the main flight sector, the marking of the aircraft is required. In all other respects, the current version of the "Nebelhorn Flight Regulations" of the ODV shall apply. This is an integral part of the present permit. The ODV must coordinate the contents of the "Nebelhorn Flight Regulations" with the DHV.
Dual-seater take-offs at the summit of the Nebelhorn may only take place after instruction and approval by the ODV. Approval for pilots is based on the specifications of the ODV with visual inspection and confirmation by the ODV. In particular, pilots may only be admitted if they can prove sufficient experience and safe glider handling. Two-seater launches may only be performed in stable wind conditions between 5 - 15 km/h, launch direction 200° plus / minus 20°. In case of unsafe ground or weather conditions, take-offs are prohibited. The following launch sites are not affected by these conditions regarding double-seater launches: Nebelhorn Geißfuß, Nebelhorn Probsthaus, Nebelhorn Probsthaus Süd.

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