Walberla - Ehrenbürg Germany

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

The Walberla site is the traditional site of the Northern Bavarian hang gliders. The table mountain of Franconian Switzerland rises about 200 m from the plain and offers a super view. The record of the Walberla is 250 km. The mountain is primarily a hang gliding mountain. There is a guest flight regulation for hang glider pilots. Only members of the NBDF and the 1st BGSC can paraglide there. The Walberla is located in a nature reserve. Therefore some conditions have to be observed. Info directly from the club: http://www.nbdf.de/

1. all pilots need a briefing about the conditions of the flying area Walberla.
2. training is not allowed.
3. if no altitude gain can be achieved, the landing area must be approached in time. Outlandings are to be avoided.
4. the weather conditions and the types of paragliders used must ensure that the landing site can be reached safely.
5. the "Geländeordnung Walberla" of the Nordbayerischer Drachenflieger e.V., which has been agreed upon with the DHV, is part of the aeronautical permit.
6. commercial double-seat operation is not permitted.

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