Siegritz Germany

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  • Towings: 1
  • Pilots: 4

Towing site for paragliders and hanggliders, HG E-take-off

Siegritz in Upper Franconia is the top site for winch and UL towing. XC flights are possible. Record is over 280 km with the kite. The site is located on a high plateau and is thermally active. Takeoff direction southwest and northeast. Is approved for winch and UL towing. Guests are allowed to use the site for a daily membership of 5 €. Each additional tow 2,20 € (as of 2010).

A: Site specific conditions winch towing:
1. the max. release height is 760 m GND. At disengagement altitudes of more than 450 m GND a secure radio communication between the towed pilot and the winch operator or the launch manager is required in order to be able to abort the towing operation at any time.
2. flight operations with the winch and simultaneous take-offs and landings with UL aircraft or aircraft with E-ascent assistance are not permitted.
B: Terrain-specific requirements E-ascent assistance:
1. it must be ensured that the electric motor is only used for the take-off process (ascent).
2. landings have to be made with the E-drive switched off.
3. the take-off mode E-ascent assistance must be entered in the pilot's license. 4.
4. towns and settlements are to be flown around as far as possible when using the E-ascent system.
During take-offs with E-ascent assistance, it must be ensured that no other aircraft are on approach. Simultaneous take-offs (e.g. winch and E-ascent or UL-tow take-offs) are not permitted.

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