Sonderlandeplatz Wasserkuppe Germany

  • Takeoffs: 4
  • Landings: 3
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 11

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

1. the Wasserkuppe is a special landing field with permission for:
a) Aircraft up to 2000 kg höstzulässige Flugmasse of the airfield owner, who can issue PPR permission.
b) ultralight aircraft (only 3-axis controlled)
c) self-launching and non-self-launching gliders in winch launching, aerotow launching and rubber rope launching
d) glider models in accordance with the special ascent permit issued by the Kassel Regional Council on 20.08.2007
e) hang gliders and paragliders

2. the use of the airfield is reserved to the airfield owner and its affiliated air sports clubs and their members. Third parties require the prior permission of the course holder (PPR).

Radio and FLARM obligation for flights with take-off elevation: readiness to listen on channel 6.37 (PMR) and the carrying of a FLARM®-capable device (Beacon) is required at all times.

There are also several attractive launch sites for paragliders and hang gliders around the Wasserkuppe. There is something for everyone here - from student pilots to cross-country pilots. The southern slope is certainly one of the most beautiful practice slopes for paragliders in Germany. On the other hand, the Pferdskopf, the west slope and the Abtsrodaer Kuppe are the best places to get into the thermals. The terrain was already used for the first glider jumps at the beginning of the 20th century. Countless pilots have learned to fly here. The Wasserkuppe is a strong wind area because the hilltop is very exposed at an altitude of almost 1000 meters. All around a highlight for every pilot. On good days the Wasserkuppe and the airspace are very busy. It should be noted that glider operations with the winch and rubber-rope take-offs basically have priority over all other air sports on the Wasserkuppe. Conditions ensure a successful coexistence and must be strictly adhered to. The Wasserkuppe is located in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve. Outlandings in the core zone are to be avoided at all costs. Model pilots and pilots in training must be taken into consideration. In addition, there is a lot of gliding and powered flight activity at the Wasserkuppe during the season. A takeoff leader is usually on site.

1. the permission of the site manager (GFS) to third parties will only be granted if the applicant is informed about the flight operation areas, the flight operation regulations, the site circuits, fly-through avoidance zones as well as launching sites for model aircraft and hang gliders/gliders. Members are required to attend a briefing by the JRC at least once a year on the location of launch sites, flight altitudes, aerodrome circuits, demarcation from model launch sites, as well as basic knowledge of visual flight rules and thermal flights, and to provide the appropriate proof.
2. mixed flight operations require a high degree of mutual consideration to ensure the safety of air traffic and to maintain public safety and order. To this end, the JRC has established an air traffic control unit on behalf of the Kassel Regional Council.
3. the use of so-called motorized parachutes and motorized kites is expressly excluded by the JRC.
4. glider operations with the winch and rubber-rope take-offs have, in principle, priority over all other air sports on the Wasserkuppe.
5. take-offs of hang-gliders and paragliders are only permitted at the sites approved and published by the air traffic control. Exercises must be coordinated in advance with the JRC flight director. Take-offs and exercises of hang gliders and paragliders are only allowed if a launch manager is present, who is also obliged to notify the JRC flight director of the start of operations. All users, launch managers and flight instructors must follow the instructions of the JRC flight director and air traffic control officers.
6. driving on the airfield (approx. 85 ha) with motor vehicles is strictly prohibited. Exceptions may be granted by the JRC on a case-by-case basis if there are good reasons. The JRC issues passes for the use of the parking areas in the area against payment of a fee.

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