Stüppel Germany

  • Takeoffs: 2
  • Landings: 1
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 12

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

Very good thermals in northwesterly wind with route possibility. The site is located in a forest aisle near the Fort Fun amusement park. No take-offs in strong winds from the west or north, as there is a danger of lee. It is absolutely necessary to visit the landing site before the ascent, because it is not visible from the start. Attention power line!

Stubble - Northeast:
1. various wind direction indicators are to be set up in the take-off area. The real wind direction is to be checked before take-off by aligning the wind direction indicators.
2. training flights shall not be conducted until student pilots have successfully completed at least 20 altitude flights in other terrain. Weather conditions must be suitable for student pilots.
3. tandem take-offs require a minimum wind speed of 10 km/h.

  • Paragliders
  • Hang gliders

Upcoming Flying Initiatives

    Currently, there are no Flying Initiatives.


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