Wenholthausen Germany

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  • Landings: 1
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  • Pilots: 6

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders


Top terrain
Important: Guests and members must register with FAIR FLY!
Ascent only in collective transports.
Parking only in designated parking areas.
Toplanding allowed.
Special attention must be paid to thermal conditions and kites ready for take-off.
Departure to the landing area must be in time.

The West launch site is no longer usable - the owner has withdrawn consent (Oct. 2019).

S/SW launch site:
1. paraglider launches require special permission and instruction from the DHV appointed aerial supervisor. Paraglider pilots must be made aware of local hazards, especially the minimum glide angle required.
2. the launch area is located in a forest aisle. Take-offs are only permitted with wind from 190° to 230°.
3. flights for training purposes are not permitted.
4. the access to the take-off and landing areas was regulated in the permission agreement of 31.03.1984 between the land consolidation Calle and the association Sauerlandair e.V.. The agreements are to be adhered to. The prohibition from § 2 number 4 of the landscape protection area ordinance "Homert" regarding the driving and parking of motor vehicles outside the paved paths is to be observed.
Take-off area west:
1. take-offs may only be made when there is a clear downwind from the west. Weather conditions must permit safe overflight of the trees below.
2. if there is a danger of turbulence in the aisle (e.g. due to crosswind), no take-offs may be made.
Before the first flight, all pilots must be instructed in the conditions of the permit in accordance with § 25 LuftVG and in the special features of the take-off site.
4. departure to the landing area must be in time and with sufficient altitude.
5. training flights are not permitted.
6. in order to take into account species protection concerns, the take-off area west may only be used in the period from 15.08. to 31.10. of a year. Flight operations are only permitted during daylight hours and outside of dawn and dusk.
7. the take-off area may not be accessed by motor vehicles. It may only be reached on foot via the existing logging roads.

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