Altes Lager Germany

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Towing site for paragliders and hanggliders, Microlight site

One of the best and most important towing sites in Germany.
Camping facilities and 1,600 m long towing track.
Terrain is very thermal, offers great cross-country flight potential.
Lowered airspace C for approaches to Berlin Tegel and Berlin Schönefeld-International in the north and northeast - observe altitude restrictions.
Guests and clubs are welcome.

1. the bustard nature reserve between Jüterbog, Werbig and Oehna (1), as well as the potential breeding and rearing sites of the bustard near Kaltenborn (2) are to be overflown with a minimum overflight altitude of 150m above ground.
2) The nature reserve "Zarth" near Treuenbrietzen (3) and the wetland areas near Bardenitz / Pechüle (4) are to be overflown with a minimum overflight altitude of 300m above ground.
During towing operations, a sufficient safety distance to the go-kart track must be ensured in order to prevent the tow rope from falling onto the track.

  • Paragliders
  • Hang gliders

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