Brauneck Germany

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  • Landings: 2
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  • Pilots: 27

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders, HG E-take-off

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Brauneck offers launch sites to the north, south and east.
At noon the valley wind often sets in and blows up the Isar valley.
At the Garland launch site (east), it then tends to get turbulent.
Ascent with the Brauneck Bergbahn (kites must be packed short - 4.20 m).
Flight school Adventure Sports is at home in the valley station of the Brauneckbahn.

1. northbound paraglider launches are limited to the north launch site at the wind measuring station. No launches at the Kirchstein.
2. the north side of the ridge Brauneck-Benediktenwand is to be flown over from the take-off site north towards west / Benediktenwand in a flight altitude of at least 150m for the protection of wildlife.
3. on weekdays (Mon-Fri) the military low-flying band of 150m - 450m above ground is to be avoided as far as possible or flown through as quickly as possible.
4. hang gliders and paragliders may not be flown when exercises with Bundeswehr helicopters are planned.
5. no training flights are allowed at the paraglider launch site north / wind measuring facility. Take-offs are only allowed with north wind. After take-off, turn off in time in the direction of the landing area.
At the south launch site for hang gliders and paragliders, training is only permitted by instructed flight instructors. Students must have completed at least 10 altitude flights at other airfields.
At the "Garland" paragliding launch site, training operations (including two-seaters) are only permitted by instructed flight instructors. Wind conditions must ensure a safe crossing of the Garland saddle. Students must be made aware of the special conditions of the terrain.

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