Kleinheppacher Kopf / Oberer Greiner Germany

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

The Köpfle is a good soaring mountain when the wind is right. But cross-country flights are also possible for experienced pilots, even if more difficult. Beautiful flight panorama with view over the vineyards towards Stuttgart. Attention: The county road must not be flown over at less than 50 m during the landing approach.

1. during flight operations, the access road on the agricultural vineyard road may be used with max. 2 motor vehicles. Otherwise, the take-off area is to be reached on foot.
2. motorized vehicles are not allowed on the landing area. It is also forbidden to handle substances hazardous to water and actions that could endanger groundwater. 3.
If possible, the southern part of the landing area is to be approached. A minimum vertical and horizontal distance of 50m from the county road 1912 is mandatory.
4. entry into airspace C and airspace D (not control zone) as well as entry into the Stuttgart control zone is generally not permitted.
5. the respective valid airspace structure must be observed. All pilots are to be instructed by the club in the airspace structure, in the special regulations for gliding in the Stuttgart area and in the nature conservation requirements. In addition, pilots are to be made aware of the proximity of the VFR entry route E1.
6. training flights are not permitted.
7. take-offs from the SE take-off area may only be carried out by pilots specifically designated by the board of the terrain holder.
8. the landing area is very demanding for hang glider pilots. Therefore, hang glider pilots must have an unrestricted pilot's license and be instructed by the club.
9. the area between the stairway and the adjacent vineyard to the east may only be mowed once a year in Sept/Oct. Here, too, the mown material must be removed.
10. the SO take-off area may not be approached by motor vehicles on the upper path (Sonnenbergweg, FlSt. Nr 2470). The aircraft must be transported up on foot.

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