Alpsee Skizirkus Germany

  • Takeoffs: 3
  • Landings: 1
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 1

Hill site for paragliders

The Alpsee Skizirkus site is operated by the Mergenthaler Flight School. Flight times during the usual lift times. All pilots need a briefing. Info at:

1. flight operation is only allowed during regular lift operation (8:30 - 16:30). Appropriate signs or information boxes, which also show the permitted flight distance, must be posted in a clearly visible location.
2. the road B 308 south of the landing area must be flown over with a minimum altitude of 150m.

  • Paragliders
  • Hang gliders

Upcoming Flying Initiatives

    Currently, there are no Flying Initiatives.


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