Kastl Germany

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Towing site for paragliders and hanggliders

1) In order to protect the black stork, the forest area bordering the winch tow area to the east may not be overflown.
2) The Heidennaab valley (floodplain areas with white stork occurrences) and the Kastler Berg mountain may not be overflown.
3. exceptions of the areas mentioned in point 1 and 2 are overflights with more than 300 m GND.
4. all pilots have to carry an altimeter.
5. flight operations shall be terminated one hour before sunset.
6. in case of danger of drifting of the winch tow rope after a possible rope break (e.g. onto the houses or paths and roads located on the western edge of the tow route) due to wind effects, the tow operation shall not be started. Adequate horizontal and vertical clearance shall be maintained from residences.
8. all pilots shall be instructed in the requirements and the instructions by the terrain holder.

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  • Hang gliders

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