Mäusberg Germany

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Hill site for paragliders


1. cross-country flights over the protected area (crossing the protected area) must be made at a minimum altitude of 100 m above ground.
2. the take-off area in the vineyard must be kept free of debris.
3. access to the take-off area shall be exclusively on foot, but not through the protected area.
4. all pilots shall be briefed on the requirements of this permit and the location of the site on the edge of the nature reserve. The briefing shall be provided by the terrain keeper.
5. between 01.03. - 14.07. of each year the bird protection zone may not be flown over. Overflights of the bird protection zone with more than 100 m above the slope edge are permitted. An altimeter must be carried. Information about the limits can be obtained from the terrain keeper.
6. between 01.03. - 14.07. of each year long lasting soaring flights at low altitude are to be avoided.
7. a flight log must be kept of the flight operations. The flight log must be presented to the DHV upon request. 8.
8. in case of soaring conditions with several pilots flying at the same altitude on the slope, the terrain owner must appoint a launch manager to coordinate safe operations in case of increased flight operations.

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