Hohenneuffen West Germany

  • Takeoffs: 1
  • Landings: 2
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 4

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders


Challenging launch site, as the terrain drops off very steeply after the run-up area (rocks).
Due to a limited upwind band, guests can fly at the west start only during the week.

Avoid low overflights over the FFH area to protect specially protected animal species!
Therefore, after takeoff, make an altitude of at least 300m above ground as soon as possible.
Do not fly over the Bassgeige (Beurener Fels, Schlupffels, Brucker Fels and Friedrichsfels) within a radius of 250m from the edge of the slope. Exceptions are overflights with more than 300 m above ground.
In this case, the area of the Baßgeige must be overflown quickly and left quickly.
No overflying of the Wilhelmfels at low altitude!

The flying site is located in the gliding sector Alb in airspace C/D of Stuttgart Airport. Controlled airspace D begins at an altitude of 4,500 ft MSL. The following requirements must be met for entering controlled airspace from an altitude of 4,500 ft MSL (approx. 640m above take-off altitude):

Altitude clearance is available!
Aircraft radio must be carried!
Unrestricted pilot's license!
Information about altitude clearance via flight radio frequency 134,500 Mhz (ATIS). Flight control Hahnweide: Phone 07021/51633

1. all pilots need a briefing about the special features of the terrain before the first flight in the terrain. The terrain regulations of the terrain owner (Drachenfliegerclub Hohenneuffen e.V.) have to be observed.
2. take-offs are only allowed in clear and safe weather conditions (west wind). Each pilot must ensure that the take-off takes place before the terrain breaks. Otherwise, the take-off must be aborted in time and beforehand. Training flights for the A-License are not allowed.
3. no spectators are allowed in the take-off area during take-off.
4. pilots must be made aware of the special airspace structure along the Swabian Alb and the vicinity of Stuttgart Airport. The glider sectors may only be flown in accordance with the agreed regulations.
5. two-seater take-offs with paragliders: Due to the demanding take-off area conditions, take-offs may only be carried out by instructed and experienced tandem pilots in perfect weather conditions.
6. access to the launch areas is on the footpath.
7. interferences with vegetation are not allowed. Otherwise, the Lower Nature Conservation Authority Esslingen, or the responsible forestry office must be consulted.
8. the permit holder must ensure that the take-off and landing areas are free of litter. The natural monument "Molach" must not be impaired by flight operations.

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