Förlenberg Germany

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

Southern Wine Route Annweiler am Trifels e.V.
Office for Tourism
Measurement Square 1
D-76855 Annweiler
Tel: +49(0)6346-22 00
Fax: +49(0)6346-7917

Challenging flying site above Annweiler. The takeoff site is located in a forest aisle and faces northeast. Due to an oblique inflow, there is often a crosswind at the launch site, which can make launching difficult. Therefore no guest flying is possible without instruction.
The Förlenberg has already cost many a bag. Even experienced pilots consider a take-off in pure easterly conditions to be very dangerous.
It can also only be conquered on foot.

1. the statements of the district administration Südliche Weinstraße dated 14.09.2011 and 04.11.2013 (enforcement of the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the state ordinance on the "Pfälzerwald Nature Park"), file numbers 64/362-40 and 64/362-41 with the nature conservation requirements described therein are part of the aviation permit.
2. the decision of the Annweiler Forestry Office dated 15.08.2013 (clearing in accordance with § 14 para. 1 no. 1 LwaldG; file number 6331-Förlenberg_neu) for the clearing and establishment of a take-off site is also part of the permission under aviation law. The conditions are to be complied with. All measures for the establishment of the take-off area are to be coordinated with the Forestry Office.
The nature conservation contribution (tektur of the planning office Busch from June 2013) is part of the air permit. The land conservation measures are to be implemented in accordance with the technical contribution. 4.
4. all pilots require a briefing by a competent pilot of the terrain holder. Reference must be made to the leeward effect in crosswinds.
5. take-offs may only take place when it is ensured that wind conditions permit a safe take-off. It must be possible to fly over the trees in front with sufficient height.
6. various wind indicators must be set up in the area of the aisle.

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