Obere Tonhalde Germany

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders


Guests welcome, registration required.
Please note the guest flight regulations: Take-offs only with valid annual pass or club membership in the DGV.
DGV does not tolerate illegal flying, you will be reported to the police.
Parking for cars at the landing site.
Driveway to the take-off area possible.

1. downwind is required for take-offs on the slope. In this way it must be ensured that the launching process is completed to the edge of the slope.
2. it is forbidden to enter the juniper heath adjacent to the launch area on the valley side for launching purposes.
3. launches may only take place when there are no hikers on the trail below.
Winch launches may only be carried out if there is a line of sight between the launch site and the winch operator. Agriculture, forestry, and recreational use must be given priority. Trails may only be used with the permission of the trail owner. 5.
All pilots must be expressly made aware of these regulations.

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