Küppchen - Lasserg Germany

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Hill site and towing site for paragliders and hanggliders

ICAO Map 1:500 000 "Frankfurt am Main" (NO 49/06)

Lasserg is a really good eastern site above the Moselle. The landscape is great and the flying is very interesting. Here also the annual Fliegerfest of the RML takes place. The surroundings of the launch site are maintained and preserved by the Rhein-Mosel-Lahner in cooperation with the nature conservation authority Mayen-Koblenz. Looking in the direction of the launch, on the right towards the castle, there is a breeding rock of the peregrine falcon, which breeds successfully every year. Therefore, a distance of at least 100 m must be kept from the peregrine falcon's eyrie during the breeding season. So during the breeding season turn left after takeoff and fly there on the slope.

1. in the period from the beginning of February to the end of June, overflights below 100 m flight altitude (horizontal and vertical distance to the peregrine falcon's eyrie) are prohibited. The taboo zone, i.e. the area that may not be overflown because of the existing peregrine falcon eyrie, begins at the eastern part of the castle and extends over the cliff to the hollow east of the cliff. Flights are possible all year round without any special restriction only as far as they are carried out east of the launching site to the hollow.
ATTENTION for cross-country flights: The take-off site is located directly under the cover of the gliding sector "Hahn-Nord" (1372 m - 1981 m). The flight altitude may not exceed 1372 m up to 4 km northwest.

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