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Towing site for paragliders and hanggliders, PG step tow

B: Site-specific conditions
1. flight operations must not attract any additional disturbance factors to the airfield in the form of accompanying persons, spectators, etc. Any visitor traffic caused by family members, spectators, etc. must be managed by the developer in such a way that there is no increase in the frequency of use of the farmland in the vicinity of the airfield.
2) Required parking spaces are to be created or used outside the agricultural areas used by the airfield.
In 2023, a methodically correct and reliable control survey in the sense of a survey of the settlement densities of skylarks in the area of intervention and on reference areas is to be carried out in order to verify the actual harmlessness of the project. If a deterioration of the conservation status of the local population of skylarks is determined, a further unlimited approval is not possible.
4. the control survey must be submitted to the lower nature conservation authority for assessment by 01.12.2023 at the latest.
5. when using the full towing length (including the road), the service road must be closed to all traffic in consultation with the authorities.
6. in case of limited visibility due to crop growth (corn, rape etc., fruits > 1m) no flight operation is allowed.
7. in the case of harvesting operations, flight operations must be coordinated with the farmers.
8. winch towing with stationary winch may only take place with clear line of sight to the take-off. The towing distance must be shortened accordingly.
C: Requirements for stepped towing
Prior to the commencement of towing operations, the paths leading to the towpath must be secured against unauthorized access/driving in such a way that third parties cannot be endangered. In particular, the overflight areas which are flown over with the tow rope hooked in must be secured sufficiently and over a wide area (e.g. with signage).
In the case of step towing, the pilot, winch operator and launch manager must ensure that the tow path and the airspace are clear. When the tow rope is attached, no persons, crowds or roads may be flown over.
or roads when the tow rope is attached. 3.
A horizontal and vertical distance of at least 50 m from the road must be maintained. 4.
4. a secure voice communication between pilot and winch operator must be maintained during a step tow.
5. an altimeter must be carried to check the release altitude.
The current version of the FBO applies to flight operations. The minimum altitude of 150 m AGL during the re-entry turn must be observed. 7.
When towing, the agricultural vegetation of the fields must be taken into account. It must permit safe towing operation. This applies in particular to GS step towing, where the tow rope may be close to the ground for a short time due to the shallow rope angle and may become entangled in the tall vegetation.
8. when approaching other aircraft, the pilot must immediately latch.

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