LP Bolsterlang, LP Obermaiselstein Germany

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Landing site for paragliders

a) South landing area Bolsterlang
1. Before take-off, the student pilots must be informed of the special dangers in the landing area (barn). A briefing is necessary.
2. Attention should be paid to the increased air traffic due to the different take-off areas.
3. In case of strong winds in the valley, the landing area should not be used for training purposes.
4. Departure to the landing area must be done in time and with sufficient altitude.
b) Landing area Obermaiselstein, FS Oase
1. Before taking off, it is imperative to undergo training.
2. The landing area must not be used for training purposes.
3. The landing area should be avoided in turbulent conditions.
4. Be aware of obstacles and respect safety distances.

  • Paragliders
  • Hang gliders

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