Moarbichl Hochgern Germany

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Hill site for paragliders
Office +49 8641 7575

Flights by guest pilots are only allowed with the agreement of the "GoVertical" association.
Height difference: 1035 m
Landing area Balsberg, flying field Balsberg (§ 25 LuftVG), community of Unterwössen
Landing area Wessner Hof, flying field Hochplatte (§ 6 LuftVG), community of Marquartstein

1. During the breeding season, between April 1 and July 31 of each year, take-offs are prohibited.
2. Sensitive grouse habitats are located to the east and south-east of the "Moarbichl". Take-offs may only take place in the authorized take-off area. Take-offs from other areas are not permitted.
3. Flights at dusk are not allowed. Takeoffs may only take place between 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset.
4. If you do not gain altitude immediately after take-off, you must fly along the flight corridor towards Hochgernhaus and the landing areas.
5. The grouse area indicated on the map must be flown at least 300 m above ground level.
6. All pilots must be informed about the obligations and sensitive habitats of the black grouse. In the take-off area "Moarbichl" an information board must be placed explaining the obligations and conditions. In addition, pilots must be informed about the mandatory conditions on the website of the association and at the landing sites. Pilots without a B-license also need a special briefing at the field by the club.
7. Guest pilots are only allowed to fly with the approval of the "GoVertical" association.
8. Grazing livestock and the alpine economy must be taken into account.
9. The holder of the "GoVertical" license / South German Paragliding School commits himself to help the alpine farmers at least once a year with the work to be done. The date must be agreed upon in time each time.
10. Access to the take-off area must be exclusively on foot from the valley. Access by car is not permitted.
11. Pilots must be informed about the arrival and departure routes of gliders and motorgliders at Unterwössen airfield.
12. The conditions must be observed. Violations of the conditions must be reported to the appropriate authorities.
13. The state of the vegetation must be monitored by the licence holder. If necessary, appropriate measures must be taken.
14. The licence holder may also define further obligations and conditions in a field regulation. These must be submitted to the DHV.

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