Steinbruch Achenbach (Hahn) Germany

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Hill site for paragliders

Walter Lauber 06465/7298 and / or Peter Wiedemann 06465/4167 and 0171/2762168

At the quarry Achenbach is already flown for over 10 years. The mountain only works with southwest wind and the upwind band is quite narrow (good for max. 4 gliders). All in all a challenging terrain. The launch site is located directly at a wind turbine. A briefing of all pilots is mandatory. Distance to the rotors must be kept. Observe the slope approach rules and nature conservation regulations (eagle owl breeding season).

2. the last 10m of the downward sloping take-off area must not be used as take-off area. This area serves as a safety zone in the event of a launch abort.
3. the take-off to the landing area must be made in time to avoid outlandings. if no take-off elevation can be achieved, the landing area must be approached immediately. Flights below the take-off area in the area of the steep face are not permitted.
4. training flights are not permitted. All pilots must be briefed on the requirements and rules by the terrain manager.
5. a take-off is not allowed if the highest wind speed at the take-off site exceeds half of the highest flyable speed of the aircraft. Wind speed shall be checked with an anemometer. No takeoffs shall be made in turbulent conditions.
6. a sufficient safety distance must be kept from the rotors of the wind turbine.
7. between 15.02. and 01.04. of each year, flight operations must be suspended for bird protection reasons (flight ban). If the local group Breidenbach of the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) determines at this time that an eagle owl is active in the quarry, flight operations must be suspended until April 30 of the year. If eagle owl breeding or rearing is detected, the gliding flight ban applies until 15.07. of the year. The nature conservation association informs the DHV in case of occurrence or breeding of an eagle owl. The notification shall be made by 30.04. of the year.
8. a flight log is to be kept about the flight operation with indication of date, start time, paraglider type and name of the pilot. The flight log can be inspected by the DHV. The pilots are to be informed of the requirements by the terrain owner. In particular, the no-fly time must be made known and observed.

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