Uelhof Germany

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  • Landings: 0
  • Towings: 1
  • Pilots: 2

Towing site for paragliders and hanggliders


1. to protect wildlife, flight operations may not begin before 10:00 a.m. during the period from April 01 to June 31 of the year.
4. the terrain slopes from northeast to southwest. Take-offs to the northeast are only permitted at ground wind speeds up to a maximum of 10 Km/h due to possible downwind effects.
5. sufficient distance is to be kept from neighboring farm buildings.
7. flight operations are not permitted during the operating hours of Area 3 (military low-level flight operations).
8. the terrain manager has to instruct the pilots about the requirements and especially about the operating times of Area 3.

  • Paragliders
  • Hang gliders

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