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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

The DGC Weilheim fought for a long time for this flying site and then realized the aisle together with DHV and nature conservation in 2000. Nice flying area at the Albtrauf. With west wind good soaring and thermal flight possibilities. Challenging airstrip start! SP2 is a top landing site (only for experienced pilots! You have to expect strong lee turbulences!).
Pay attention to the notices at the launch site! Not far from the launch site the peregrine falcon breeds regularly. Please pay attention to current information in the area. The maximum altitudes are limited due to the airspace structure of Stuttgart. Airspace D starts at 4500 ft MSL. Glider sectors can be used as well. Here at least a flight radio receiver is mandatory: since 01.09.2015 a flight radio or a comparable device for receiving the glider ATIS (134.500 Mhz) must be carried ready for operation during the entire flight. Without an operational flight radio/scanner, take-off is not permitted.

Prior to commencing flight operations, all pilots must be briefed on the requirements of this permit. 2.
2. wind direction indicators shall be installed in the airstrip area and outside the turbulence area during flight operations.
Weather conditions must permit safe takeoff. If there is a risk of turbulence, takeoffs in the aisle shall not be conducted. Takeoff aborts shall be made in a timely manner. A line for the latest take-off abort shall be established.
4. top landings may only be performed by pilots with an unrestricted pilot's license. Pilots shall be specifically advised of the power line in the landing area.
5. the quarry rock opposite in the valley in the western direction is to be flown around in a wide area (at least 200 m) all year round.
6. the entire area of the launch site (forest aisle) is to be mowed once a year in the period from 25.07. to 15.08. of each year in order to remove woody growth. The mown material shall be removed.
7. storage of objects, unless they are necessary for the permitted use of the property, is not permitted.
8. the storage or placement of waste is not permitted. The launch site and its immediate surroundings must be kept free of waste; any waste generated must be disposed of properly.
9. the erection or placement of posters, pictorial or written signs is not permitted. Exceptions are to be discussed with the lower nature conservation authority. 10.
10. motor vehicles are to be parked on the parking lot for hikers south of the starting area. Access and/or parking of vehicles of any kind is not permitted at the launch site.
11. it is not allowed to camp, set up caravans or light fires on the launch site or in its surroundings.
12. the access to the rocky head at the former launch site is to be closed off by suitable measures (sloe roll). Measures are to be coordinated in advance with the Lower Nature Conservation Authority.
13. wind direction indicators are to be installed in consultation with the Lower Nature Conservation Authority.
14. the club must keep a flight log at the launch site, in which the name of the launching member and the date and time of the launch must be entered before each flight. The flight log is to be handed over to the municipality and the responsible authorities for inspection upon request. Should the municipality of Neidlingen waive the keeping of a flight log in the further course of operations, the club shall be exempt from keeping a flight log.
15. limitation of the number of flights may be imposed by the municipality. Flying events or competitions beyond the membership of the DGCW are not permitted.
16. in case of possible damage to the land (e.g. unintentional off-field landings) the respective pilot or the DGCW has to settle the damages directly with the owner.
When driving to and from the launch site or the landing site, the provisions of the road traffic regulations, in particular the general driving prohibitions on agricultural and forestry roads, must be observed. Vehicles are to be parked in the nearest public parking lot or in such a way that flowing traffic is not impaired.
18. in all other respects, the agreements with the municipality of Neidlingen, which are an integral part of this permit, shall apply.

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