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Towing site for paragliders


3. a horizontal distance of at least 100 m must be maintained from the adjacent nature reserves "Gambachtal" and "Wending- und Peimbachtal" during take-off and landing, and a minimum altitude of 300 m above ground must be maintained when flying over the planned nature reserves. In particular, care must be taken to ensure that the take-off direction and wind conditions guarantee that the aforementioned distances from the NSG can be maintained immediately after the take-off procedure and during the entire flight.
7. take-offs may only take place between 2 hours after sunrise and sunset, but not later than 20:00 hrs.
10. general recreation in the affected landscape areas must not be restricted. In particular, the unrestricted use of the paths adjacent to the take-off areas must be guaranteed.
11. access to the take-off and landing areas may only take place on existing roads.
12. sufficient distance must be kept from the circuit of the Hünsborn airfield. Prior to each commencement of flight operations, the flight control at the special airfield Hünsborn must be informed about the type and expected duration of the flight operations.

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