Schoden Germany

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Hill site for paragliders

1. each pilot must be instructed by the terrain holder in the slope landing technique and the terrain-specific peculiarities. Take-offs may only be made with the permission of the terrain holder. 2.
2. the terrain manager must define a take-off abort line at the take-off site. Take-off must take place before this line, otherwise the take-off must be aborted due to the vines located below.
3. the L 138 and the railroad line passing near the landing area must be overflown with at least 50 m height. Otherwise, the emergency landing area must be approached in good time.
If it is not possible to gain altitude immediately after take-off, the landing area must be approached immediately in order to fly over the road and railroad with sufficient altitude.
5. flight operations must not be started during social hunts. The responsible hunting leaseholder shall announce the dates to the terrain keeper.
6. flight operations shall be terminated half an hour before sunset.
7. training operations are not permitted.

  • Paragliders
  • Hang gliders

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