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Hill site for paragliders

Top terrain in the northern Black Forest. A historic funicular leads directly to the launch site (landing card and ascent to be purchased at the vending machine). The take-off area is located directly at the mountain station and is somewhat steep, but well leveled. Attention: Always keep enough distance to the cable car. With some thermals you can fly over Mercury and have a great view of Baden-Baden and the Rhine plain. XC fliers fly to the east or to Loffenau at the edge. The landing site is slightly sloping and not so easy (look carefully beforehand). The landing area is surrounded by trees and is also "bucky" in thermal conditions. The northeast takeoff is challenging. Here the snow situation is even more pronounced than at the west takeoff.

1. All pilots need a briefing from the terrain holder before their first flight at Mercury. Local wind conditions, turbulent areas, and approaches to landing areas must be pointed out separately.
2. pilots' vehicles may only be parked in designated parking areas.
3. access to the take-off areas must be via the Merkur runway from Baden-Baden or on foot via forest paths. Driving motor vehicles along the forest paths to the take-off and landing areas is prohibited.
(4) A flight operation regulation is to be drawn up by the terrain owner, which is to be coordinated with the DHV.
5. all pilots are to be informed on an information board about the legal ban on smoking in the forest in the period from March 1 to October 31 (§41 Abs 3 Lan-deswaldgesetz).
6. training operations are permitted in coordination with the terrain owner and with the approval of the DHV (training permit). Student pilots must master the requirements for safe take-offs, flights and landings at Mercury. Training flights may only be conducted in weather conditions suitable for student pilots. Landings must be made at landing site 1 (Großmatte - Baden-Baden). Training flights at the northeast launch site may only be conducted if the student pilots have completed at least 20 altitude flights at other launch sites.
Organized events that go beyond normal flight operations (competitions, flight days, etc.) require the approval of the lower forestry authority. Due to the location in the landscape protection area, organized events also require approval under nature conservation law in accordance with the provisions of the Baden-Baden Landscape Protection Area Ordinance.
8. landing site 2 ( Neuhaus / Staufenberg ) is generally demanding and is an alternate landing site. Pilots are required to land in the middle of the meadow with appropriate distance to the road, if possible. No landings are allowed when the landing area is in use. An agreement is made directly between the club and the
shepherding operation.
If it is necessary to cut back trees or bushes, this must be coordinated with the lower nature conservation authority and the forestry authority.
10. in the area of landing site 1 below the Merkur runway, there is a biotope (biotope no. 223 - wet meadow on the Großmatte) protected by § 30 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act (in conjunction with § 33 of the Nature Conservation Act) in the western area of the site. The biotope may not be impaired by the use of the property as a landing site.
Landings outside the permitted landing area must be avoided at all costs. Guest pilots are to be made aware of this.
12. in the area of Haueneberstein there is a model flight area. An overflight altitude of at least 200 m GND is to be maintained.
13. model airplane operation at the launching areas is prohibited. Model pilots are to be informed of this fact.
14. a sufficient distance must be kept to the Merkur runway. The regulations of the DHV (German Hang Gliding Association) for hang gliders and gliders apply.
15. the nature conservation permit in accordance with § 5 of the Baden-Baden Landscape Conservation Area Ordinance of the Baden-Baden Environmental Agency dated 5.1.2016 is part of the external launch permit.
It is recommended to take off as far away as possible from the mountain station (left as seen in the direction of take-off). Inexperienced pilots (pilots with less than 10 launches at Mercury) must launch to the left of the stairway exit.
After take-off, the first step is to fly in a straight line. A sufficient distance from the runway must be maintained at all times. 18.
18. pilots must ensure before take-off that there is no unintentional drift over the mountain runway. The choice of take-off method ("forward-wind-up" or "backward-wind-up") must be adapted to the conditions and skill level. It is recommended to deploy the glider further down the slope and not at the edge of the path.

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