Geba - Seeba Süd Germany

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  • Landings: 1
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  • Pilots: 1

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

Southern area of the Gebaflieger e.V. with thermal connection over the Geba. The edge of the slope offers a surprising amount of upwind. Access via the village of Träbes. The whole slope is of great importance for nature conservation (location in the biosphere reserve). In spring, the purple pasque flower grows here en masse. Therefore, do not enter the NSG. Info and guest fee at the association.

1. garbage must be disposed of properly.
2. valuable dry areas on the Geba, especially in the immediate vicinity of the take-off and landing areas, are to be protected from encroachment.
3. top landings shall be conducted only during safe and turbulence-free weather conditions. The conditions for top landings in the area behind the launch site must be specified by the site operator in an operating rule. It must be visibly posted at the launch site. 4.
4. all pilots must be instructed in the conditions of the permit.

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  • Hang gliders

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