Schleppgelände an der Halde Norddeutschland Germany

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Towing site for paragliders and hanggliders

Winch towing area below the North Germany slag heap, offers good access to thermals. 900 m towing distance in east-west direction.

1. during towing / flying operations on the east-west towing track, make sure that no persons are endangered on the adjacent dirt road (e.g. in case of crosswind and possible drifting of the tow rope). Towing operations must be stopped if vehicles or persons approach the launch area.
All pilots are to be instructed in the permit and the requirements. The field path "Gartenstraße" may not be flown over with the tow rope hooked up.
3. for each flight day a start leader is to be appointed, who implements the conditions and the necessary measures.
Step towing may only be performed on the north-south towpath. With the tow rope hooked in, the field path "Gartenstraße" in the south may not be flown over. The adjacent "Vietengraben" to the north may also not be flown over. The required conditions of the DHV for step towing are to be fulfilled.
5. the landscape protection law exemptions of the district Wesel of 25.03.04 and 06.03.06 are components of this permission.

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