Oppenau Ost (Schäfersfeld) Germany

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  • Landings: 1
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 4

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders


Snail launch, therefore only launch downwind. Please use only the landing field "Bruhansenhof". The meadow "Löcherberg" is only an emergency landing site. Parking is also not allowed there.

1. access to the launch site is exclusively on foot. Motor vehicles are to be parked in the public parking lot on the county road K 5354. The "Höhenweg" is to be kept free for forestry traffic.
2. flight operations shall be conducted from the protected area in an easterly direction. Low flying over the protected area is not permitted. Flights above the protected area with more than 300m above ground in thermal conditions are allowed. The flight altitude must allow reliable reaching of the landing site outside the protected area. An altimeter must be carried. Operations may begin no earlier than 2 hours after sunrise. The last takeoff may be made no later than one hour before sunrise.
4. all pilots require a briefing on the special features of the flying site before their first flight. In particular, the nature conservation sensitive areas and the associated requirements shall be explained to the pilots in more detail. Pilots must be made aware of the fact that compliance with the regulations is mandatory. 6.
6. a minimum vertical and horizontal distance of 50m must be maintained from roads.
7. the landing point on the landing field must be placed in such a way as to avoid flying too far ahead of the canal. The water-bearing canal shall be specially pointed out to all pilots. Appropriate means shall be used to prevent pilots from landing in the canal. (e.g. covering, marking, notices, etc.). Vegetation shall be protected.
8. on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) as well as on public holidays (and the associated bridge days), the terrain owner must appoint a launch manager to coordinate flight operations. The launch manager must ensure in particular that no launches are made with hang gliders or paragliders in unsafe flying conditions (e.g. downwind, strong turbulence). His instructions must be followed. The Flight Operations Regulations (FBO), Section II - Launch Management, must be observed.

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