Sonnenhang Germany

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  • Landings: 1
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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

Slope for east wind conditions in a ski slope. Do not fly in crosswinds.

1. the terrain owner must ensure that flight operations are limited to the specified take-off and landing areas by giving precise instructions to the flight students.
2. existing structures worthy of protection, such as hedges, rows of trees, fruit trees, etc., must not be impaired by flight operations.
3. damage of any kind caused by operations (e.g. to paths) must be repaired or had repaired immediately.
4. it must be ensured that the service roads remain clear for agricultural and forestry traffic.
5. the necessary mobile equipment (windsocks, etc.) may only be used and set up in the area for the duration of flight operations.
6. the affected areas are to be left in a proper condition after each exercise day. Waste shall be collected and disposed of properly.
7. take-offs for hang gliders may only be carried out after instruction by a person appointed by the board of the Sauerland Air e.V. association.
8. a separate landing area is available for hang glider and fixed wing pilots (currently landing area of the Ettelsberg airfield).
9. wind directions that deviate from the east take-off direction require special attention because of the mountains in front.
10. because of the difficult conditions at the landing field, training for the A-certificate GS can only be carried out when there is no wind or when the wind speed is appropriate for the level of training.
11.the terrain is not allowed for training with hang gliders.

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