Schriesheim / Ölberg Germany

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders
Guest flight rules:

The area Schriesheim / Ölberg is an attractive flying area at the edge of the Odenwald, but not easy.
With westerly winds, soaring for hours is possible here.
Conditions to be observed!
Approach sector to Mannheim Neuostheim Airport is located exactly above the take-off area and is designated as a safety area.
Staying in the safety area is prohibited.
Paraglider must be raised from level ground during take-off.
Launch abort must be decided on very short notice.
Steep slope edge and take-off in a deep forest aisle.
Especially with wind direction S to SW strong turbulences are to be expected.
Therefore pilots in Schriesheim need flying experience and good glider handling.

The 7 meter long and steep kite ramp is located in the same forest aisle directly at the edge of the slope.
For hang gliders, launches are easily possible here in SW to WNW winds, but also in zero wind.
Paragliders and hang gliders land together on the same 210m landing field, paying attention to the different airspeeds.
With current high performance kites, landing must be mastered with a precise landing turn.

In order to become familiar with all the conditions and requirements for a good flight, a briefing is mandatory before the first flight for both paraglider and hang glider pilots.
Pilots who want to fly at the Mount of Olives must have held their A-certificate for at least one year.
More information on the website of the Bergsträßler

1. all pilots need a briefing by the terrain manager (wind conditions, take-off technique, airspace, control zone Mannheim, nature conservation).
2. for paraglider pilots: Pilots who want to take off on the Schriesheim site need sufficient flight experience (at least 50 altitude flights after obtaining the A-certificate).
3. training flights for the A-certificate are not allowed.
4. all pilots need an altimeter and a GPS with altitude recording.
5. agreements must be made with Mannheim airport regarding the operation of paragliders and hang gliders. These agreements are binding and must be made known to all pilots.
6. to protect the peregrine falcon, a distance of 100 m horizontally and vertically from the Schriesheim quarry is to be maintained.

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