Klüsserath Germany

  • Takeoffs: 2
  • Landings: 1
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 4

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders


Top terrain in the vineyards on the Moselle. Without upwind you should quickly head for the landing site, because the Moselle must be flown over, briefing before the first takeoff required! The Moselle terrain is also well suited for cross-country flights. However, Hahn Airport is not far away in a southeasterly direction. Therefore, airspace restrictions must be observed and flights must be well planned.

1. all pilots must be instructed in the special features of the terrain and in the dangers (e.g. long flight distance to the landing area from launch site 1, landing situation, emergency landing areas, dangers of emergency landings on the Moselle - water landings, top landings for paragliders, etc.).
2. take-offs from take-off site 1: The prerequisite for take-offs is the B-license. It is necessary to depart in time and with sufficient altitude to the landing area "Kirmeswies". Pilots are to be informed of possible emergency landing areas by the terrain holder. Take-offs with paragliders are only allowed if the landing area "Kirmeswies" can be reached safely (sufficient power of the paraglider and suitable weather conditions) or / and if top landings can be made safely.
3. top landings on launch site 1 may be carried out if flight operations permit this without danger and no paraglider or hang glider pilots taking off are endangered.
4. the site manager has to define regulations (parking situation, landing flaps, emergency landing areas, briefing, signposting, etc.) for the flight operation (flight operation regulations Klüsserath).
5. during championships and in case of heavy flight operations a start leader has to be appointed.
6. training flights from take-off area 2: training flights are possible if the student pilots have already gained flying experience in other flying areas (at least 30 altitude flights) and the wind conditions allow a safe take-off and flying. The landing site is to be approached directly. A flight instructor must be assigned at both the take-off and landing sites. Radio communication is mandatory.
7. after take-offs from take-off area 2, it is generally necessary to depart in time, if no altitude gain can be achieved after take-off.
8. the B 53 and the campsite must be overflown with a minimum altitude of 50 m during the landing approach.
The landing area must be approached in such a way that there is no danger to persons at the campsite or on the sports field. Houses are to be flown over with sufficient height during the landing approach. All pilots must be instructed in the landing procedure.

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