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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

Kur- und Verkehrsverein Walenstadt
CH-8880 Walenstadt

Breathtaking views, both of a fascinating mountain scenery and of the deep blue waters of Lake Walen can be enjoyed during this flight. The Schrina take-off site is located below the rugged and steep rock faces of the Churfirsten, whose formation is reminiscent of the mountain range of the 12 Apostles near Cape Town in South Africa. The gently southward sloping take-off meadow easily accommodates several gliders. In the direction of departure there are some trees. These should be flown around on the left side if possible. Once you are in free airspace, you don't have many options for your flight path. Keeping to the left in the direction of Walenstadt is in any case the safest method to reach the landing site safely. Once you have set course for Walenstadt, you will have to "pull up" to the slope in order to find upwinds, depending on the turbulence. Be aware of the many overhead power lines along the mountain flanks and ridges that are so typical of Switzerland. From the bird's eye view they are really extremely difficult to recognize. If there are no upwinds, you should not underestimate the length of the flight path to the landing site. On the way to the landing site there are one or two meadows for emergency landing, but primarily the wet element dominates. The official landing site is located next to the sports field on the outskirts of Walenstadt, just a few hundred meters behind the lakeshore and the lake stage.

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