• Takeoffs: 3
  • Landings: 3
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 4

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders


Interesting terrain above Fanas. Is thermally active early in the year, when the first snow has melted on the southern slopes. By cable car from Fanas to the take-off point (10 minutes from the upper station). The cable car has only a small capacity - it is recommended to register in advance. The cost of the ride is 16 francs (as of Jan. 2011). Take off over the mountain station in the south direction or often in winter over the coast in the north direction. Landing in the valley bottom (windsock available). For Walk & Fly fans: you can also continue to climb to the top of Sasauna, which gives even more elevation gain.

  • Paragliders
  • Hang gliders

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