Gaisberg Austria

  • Takeoffs: 3
  • Landings: 2
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 7

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

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A-5020 Salzburg
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The summit plateau of the Gaisberg is easily accessible all year round by car via the Gaisbergstraße or 6 times daily by the Gaisbergbus. It hosts around the far visible antenna 3 magnificent natural launching sites in the direction of north, east and west. The control zone of the Salzburg Airport determines the airspace of the Gaisberg pilots. The flying area is located in the CTR Salzburg, it is only allowed to fly after activation of the TRA. Disciplined flight behavior and knowledge of the airspace is required from every pilot in order not to endanger the beautiful and unique flying area. Despite the restrictions, the Gaisberg has an undreamt-of potential. In spring and early summer, one or the other vario will shout with joy about remarkable climb values. Due to the airspace restrictions, cross-country flights to the south are concentrated over the Osterhorn group. But also flights to Obertraun and back to the Gaisberg of more than 100 kilometers have already been flown. Gliders to the landing site in Aigen are almost always possible. Info at

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