Emberger Alm - Greifenburg Austria

  • Takeoffs: 2
  • Landings: 2
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 21

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders


Market town Greifenburg
main street 240
A-9761 Greifenburg
Tel: +43 4712 216-14
Fax: +43 4712 216-30

The Emberger Alm in Greifenburg is one of the top areas in the Alps for flying. The conditions are ideal. A super infrastructure combined with a scenic and thermally attractive flying site. Therefore the flying scene meets in Greifenburg. Every year competitions and countless XC flights with hang gliders and paragliders are held here. The Drau Valley also offers good conditions for cross-country flying novices with sufficient off-field landing possibilities (please always land only on mowed meadows). Flights into the Puster Valley are possible, but not easy. Meeting point is the Fliegercamp at the landing site. From here with shuttle to the take-off site Emberger Alm with 1100 m altitude difference or to other take-off sites in the area. Large meadow and space to set up at Emberger Alm. Take-offs only with downwind. With west wind danger of turbulence. The large landing area is directly at the Fliegercamp. Attention power lines! Pay attention to landing voltages. The campsite with swimming lake and high ropes course is also ideal for families. In addition to the campsite, there are also numerous guesthouses and inns in Greifenburg and the surrounding area.

In Greifenburg there are no more competing cab companies. Only the family Dünhofer drives with 2 paddy busses and big trailers on the mountain, reliably and regularly at 10 o'clock,at 11, at 13 o'clock and at 15 o'clock. On predictable hammer days they start their service already at 9 am. For 6,50€ the pilot will be transported to the launch site. The day ticket costs 6.-€, the season ticket 60.-€ (as of 28.08.21).

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