Stoderzinken Austria

  • Takeoffs: 4
  • Landings: 2
  • Towings: 0
  • Pilots: 2

Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

Market town Gröbming
main street 200
A-8962 Gröbming
Tel.: +43/(0)3685/22150
Fax: +43/(0)3685/22150-22

The Stoderzinken is one of the best flying mountains in the Enns Valley. A toll road leads to the launch sites. Hang gliders can take off after a short walk from the parking lot at Steinerhaus from a wooden ramp to the south. The other launch sites are located in the summit area and can be reached via a walk of about half an hour.
South launch site Peter Rosegger (S, SW)
Excellent entry into the thermals in the morning. Start permission from 31 March-30 October, reachable in about 6 min from the Steinerhaus parking lot. The ascent from the first parking lot at Rosemialm, where there is also a good breakfast, is particularly attractive. You walk about 15 min to the starting point P. Rosegger.

The Stoderzinken flying site is exclusively leased by the Sky Club Austria flight school for the operation of the flight school and for Sky Club Austria club members.

  • Paragliders
  • Hang gliders

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