Nordkette - Seegrube Austria

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Hill site for paragliders and hanggliders

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The approach and take-off at Innsbruck Airport must never be affected by hang gliders and paragliders. Therefore, it is mandatory to use the landing areas at the foot of the Nordkette. Never fly into the middle of the valley. This endangers the entire flight area.

The take-off and landing areas are located within the CTR Innsbruck! Within the CTR Innsbruck a so-called gliding sector has been defined, which is however only temporarily cleared by the Austro Control air traffic control center Innsbruck. Clearance info: +43-51703-4631; ATIS 126.025 MHz.

There is an agreement between the air traffic control center Innsbruck and the local hang gliding and paragliding clubs, under which conditions flying in the cleared gliding sector (max. 8000 ft) is only allowed for club members (and with appropriate instruction).
Even if the glider sector within the CTR is only used as part of a cross-country flight (without take-off or landing within the CTR), it is necessary to ask the air traffic control in Innsbruck beforehand whether the glider sector has been cleared! Clearance info: +43 51703 6612; ATIS 126.025 MHz.

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